The Alpha King's Ex- Wife Is Stunning
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My husband is the Alpha of a powerful - The Canopus pack, and I am his despised Luna, being hurted by his coldness, I decide to leave the pack and reveal my true identity of the daughter of the Alpha of another strong pack and slap hard on the face of people who treats me cruelly, but one day my ex-husband appeared with red eyes. "Come back Nayla. You don't know how much I love you." He grabbed my waist and looked at me with his blue and deep eyes, I could see his desire, it felt like he was about to eat me alive. He refused to let me go while I tried to ran away from him. I said to him with bitter smile. "Really? prove it to me then."
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Chapter 57
2023-04-14 11:56:06
Nayla POV"Pop!""ah!"Eidel let out a scream of pain.The next second Kinsley blocked her attack, seriously wounding her on the ground.Gareth threw Eidel to the ground, severely wound
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Latest Release: Chapter 57
2023-04-14 11:56:06
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