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    Werewolf Author:imcalledthequeen
    Dwayne is next in line in the Alpha title. He rejected his mate because she was just a human. But as...
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    Werewolf Author:Alisa
    I was married by my family to an Alpha prince Ismail, who was said to have died six mates. Ismail w...
    fated mate forced arranged marriage love after marriage
  • 5
    Werewolf Author:Grattatino
    Armando had it all. He was the son of the most respected alpha and was to be crowned alpha of the cr...
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    Werewolf Author:Micheyy
    Riley Wilson was sold to an old pervert for 1 night stand by her beloved ones ... After her escape s...
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    Billionaire Author:LULU
    I was infertile. My husband Edric said he would love me no matter what. For three years, he had al...
    CEO arranged marriage sweet intersex playboy