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Maria Angelica Ricafranca, a 20 year old preschool teacher, a clumsy girl who dreamt of having a happy and complete family. Until she unexpectedly met the playboy Bachelor Mr. Jericho del Fuego who owns a realty company in one of their out of town tour. She had a love at first sight with Mr. Jericho and imagined him to be her future husband. On the opposite site, Mr. del Fuego who is fond of beautiful women had a very bad impression of Teacher Maria because of her clumsiness. Will Mr. del Fuego fall in love with Teacher Maria? Let's all join in their journey of love-hate comedy romance.
Tags teacher playboy nerd sweet romance
Chapter 30 Del Fuego's House
2023-03-21 23:05:09
The elders, Mr. and Mrs. Del Fuego arranged an interior designed for Jericho's room when he was still s bachelor. They asked the interior designer to arrange Jericho's room into a couple's room which
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Latest Release: Chapter 30 Del Fuego's House
2023-03-21 23:05:09
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