My rejected Alpha mate
Fancy Cola
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Owning a frail wolf, being rejected by my mate, and being humiliated by my brother ...... With all of these, two years ago, I chose to leave. Two years later, I'm a powerful, attractive she-wolf. It was at this time, my Alpha mate reappeared. He tried to get me to come back to him, but he didn't even recognize it was me! I rejected him, but he didn't give up. And slowly, I realized that he was different from what I remembered. Just like me, he had the same many secrets in that buried past...... Should I reject him again?
Tags werewolf,abuse,mate,
Chapter 125
2022-09-22 09:47:55
Angel's POV "What's wrong?" Gabriel noticed something different about me. "Nothing." I shook my head, then I left my bed to open the door to my room. "Big surprise!" Emma shouted. Behind her
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Latest Release: Chapter 125
2022-09-22 09:47:55
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