Diverse Love ( Shades of Love Series Book 1)
32601 words
Tristan Cliff was the only son of his rich parents but he lost them in a plane crash when he was 6. He was adopted by his uncle's family whose only goal was to get hold of Tristan's family fortune. As a result, Tristan was abused constantly. He was very scared of them and agreed to whatever they say just to avoid punishment. He was even bullied by his cousins and his friends at school. Evelyn Grace was an orphan who lived her life in an orphanage. She was a self-dependent and strong-willed girl. She joins the college where Tristan goes to and helps him from the bullies. Evelyn becomes Tristan's savior and they soon become good friends. Tristan falls deeply in love with his savior but can’t muster up the courage to confess to her. Things get more complicated for Tristan when another guy Adam gets involved who seems to have taken an interest in Evelyn and is always there for her whenever in need. **** This Book can be read as Standalone ****
Tags possessivetorturedkick-ass heroineweak to strongdark romancebillionairestudentbxg
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