Dirty Little Secret
A.C Gray
118754 words
Ace Shelton fooled Unice Venixe when she noticed that he was selling a house on social media. Despite having experienced hardship as a child, Ace did not expect Unice to change his entire life. The Heils Family, a relative of the Shelton Family, murdered his parents. He met Unice Venixe and resided in his mansion's basement. He tricked her; she was first afraid of him because Ace said he was a killer. After all, Ace had no idea this was the girl who had taken his bait on social media. Everything changed when she trusted him after being at his house for a few months because she didn't have a place to stay, and the thing that changed Ace was to love her. He fallen for her and was obsessed with her; he don't want anyone to like her; He want Unice to be his lover, and he didn't expect her to fall for him as well, and this is where his story changes.
Tags bad boyrichprotectiveobsessivehandsomeloveromanceCEO
Chapter 79.THE END
2022-09-26 09:56:56
Unice's PoVThree weeks have passed, and Ace has finished preparing for our wedding; it is a private wedding ceremony between us, with some of our employees attending, including Tom and Max. I'm now in
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Latest Release: Chapter 79.THE END
2022-09-26 09:56:56
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