Dirty Little Secret
A.C Gray
118754 words
"Why do your rules require sex every night?" "Because I'm obsessed with you, and I like you, but you don't like me because I murder people." "Let's just try. If you want us to do it, I'll give you a month to fall in love with me." Ace Shelton has experienced several traumatic events in his life. He leads a secluded life in his family mansion left by his wealthy parents, who were brutally killed 18 years ago. However, when Unice Venixe, cafe cashier, comes to Ace's house for sale, Ace tries to kill her but later changes his mind and offers to pay her to look after him. As she spends more time in the house, Unice becomes increasingly attracted to Ace's muscular physique, leading to unexpected sexual encounters. Five months later, Ace totally falls for Unice, but he cannot reject his plans to exact his revenge on his parents' murderer, whereas Unice struggles with her feelings for Ace and the realization that she may be in danger.
Tags bad boyrichprotectiveobsessivehandsomeloveromanceCEO
Chapter 79.THE END
2023-03-12 13:45:40
Unice's PoVThree weeks have passed, and Ace has finished preparing for our wedding; it is a private wedding ceremony between us, with some of our employees attending, including Tom and Max. I'm now in
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Latest Release: Chapter 79.THE END
2023-03-12 13:45:40
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