Substitute Bride,Substitute Love
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"You're so cheap. And you don't even have a basic sense of shame." "I am not cheap at all. You are my first man. But for her, you aren't." He cupped my neck with his hand directly and asked word by word, "What did you say?" I reached out and pinched his waist gently with my fingers, pretending to be cynical. Then I added, "And I'm clean. I don't have any other man but you. You can enjoy me as much as you want." *********************** Every woman was looking forward to marrying her beloved man. So was I. I married Patrick Cowell, the man who I had a crush on for twelve years, in the name of my sister. My sister Caroline and I were twins, but she grew up in a rich and noble family while I grew up in an orphanage. She begged me to marry Patrick as her substitute because she didn't want to marry him. I agreed sweetly. Patrick was the only heir of the richest family in this city. Handsome, rich, and powerful. However, I didn't expect that he treated me cruelly in bed as if I was his enemy. Because he knew I was not his bride? Oh no!!!
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Chapter 517 Side Story—Happy Reunion
2023-02-24 10:53:48
After the wedding, our honeymoon plan was postponed because Rosalie was too young and Patrick's legs had not yet fully recovered. I had been resting at home all along. Sometimes I would talk to Nan
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Latest Release: Chapter 517 Side Story—Happy Reunion
2023-02-24 10:53:48
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