The Shadow of Forever
Mari AA
121083 words
‘Is this guy for real? Does he really think he is some kind of Vampire-Werewolf Hybrid?’ Jessica thought to herself. “Dude, did you bump your head or something? Do you guys think for real you are vampires and werewolves? “Jessica asked, standing up from the chair. “You are a Werewolf yourself! You have a mental block on, perhaps go talk to your parents about it. Before you go, what is your surname? We need to un-mate,” Wynn pleaded. Jessica, with a big smile on her face, decided to play his game. “So if fairy tales about werewolves are true, then that means you won’t hurt a hair on my body?” “This is not some fairy-tale! Please let us un-mate!” Wynn begged again. Jessica sat on Wynn’s lap facing him, and even though she had to admit that he kind of smelled irresistible and she just wanted to lean in and kiss him she kept her face away from him far enough because he was her best friend's boyfriend. Wynn wrapped his arms around her, overtaken by his wolf that has longed for a mate, and was about to kiss Jessica when she broke out of his tempting embrace. “In your dreams, lover boy.” Unable to do any harm to Jessica, he watched her leave the classroom. Wynn stayed seated, hopeless.
Tags beautifulroyallove at first sightarranged marriagehate to lovealphawerewolvesvampire
Chapter 103
2022-11-30 09:55:54
Deacon was counting the hours and just after midday he tried to mind link Jessica. Please tell me you didn’t change your mind.’Jessica?’ he tried again, wondering why he was not gett
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Latest Release: Chapter 103
2022-11-30 09:55:54
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