In his Grasp
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QUILL QUINTON She was an poor girl leaving in an abandon failure building in New York. An Orphan who worked all her efforts in earning and studying. She was hard working, silent and sweet girl. Living her best in her worst. ******** EMERSON HARVEY He was an cruel , arrogant and possesive mafia boss. He was praised for his cruelness and defined as an destroyer. He was deliciously handsome as one snap of fingers can lay lines of women for him. ******** MILEVA BELLONA A fragile flower raised in mud. To get blend she have to be the one. Innocent and beautiful , broken and sold. Mileva's fate have broken her and than destroyed her getting entangled with Emerson Harvey the one she was bethroned to smashed her dream and her life. *PLOT LINE* Emerson Harvey leaving in Los Angeles came a way to destroy the rival. But caught the sight of unknowingly his forever weakness. And falls the way for someone he never thought he would. **********
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Chapter 77 +. Epilogue
2022-09-21 14:11:23
QUILLI swe him instering the knife straight in the the head of Acalian. While my sludl shattered there at the very moment. I felt like I was already dead here. The way his blood threw all over his fac
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this kind of story always be my favorite! i want to offer you something that related to it. kindly drop your email or contacts for the details. thanks in advance^^
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Latest Release: Chapter 77 +. Epilogue
2022-09-21 14:11:23
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