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"What do you want, Victoria?".Victoria walked closer to Vega, her eyes held hatred in them. "Look, let me warn you, don't even dare try to ruin my marriage else I will make your life a living hell!". "You knew he wasn't your mate, and you let him mark you, didn't you?". Vega asked with anger brewing in side of her. Victoria lowered her gaze a little, which meant she actually knew. "So what if I know, I'm the one he marked, not you!". She yelled, showing Vega her marked neck. ****************************** What happens when your twin sister is accidentally marked by your one true mate?. Victoria and Vega are twin sisters born to the Alpha of white snow pack. These sisters are so identical that it was very difficult to differentiate between them two. Their Father Alpha Blake Gilbert sometimes found it hard to tell their differences too. Fortunately they had two distinct features that separated them, one is the fact that Victoria who happens to be the eldest was reckless and stubborn, while Vega was calm and quiet. But sadly, Vega was the one who always got punished for her sister's crime. Everyone in white snow pack taught Vega was the black sheep among them two. Vega suffered silently. Secondly, Victoria's wolf was brown while Vega's was white, but no one had seen Vega's wolf which was a rare kind of wolf. Alpha Reynold Flames of Blue stone pack happens to be the most famous and well respected Alpha in the northern province of Westland. He is a Lycan and he was very powerful. At the age of thirty, Reynold was still without a mate. When he visited white snow pack, his wolf sensed the presence of their mate. Excited as he was to find his mate, he was deceived into marking the wrong woman (Victoria) since she smelled just like his mate (Vega). What will happen to these three lives which have become entangled for life?, Will there be a breakthrough for them or would things get even worse?.
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IVANHe had gathered enough rogues which he believes he could win the fight with. The first plan about the mission was to go rescue his mate and father and Alpha Gerald, who supported him before now. T
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