You, Me, And My Baby
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What If -- A story of an ordinary rich girl, who suddenly finds herself taking care of a kid who looks exactly like her. On top of that, the Fiance she was supposed to marry is her sister's ex-boyfriend and the father of the kid? What would happen if she began to fall in love with him? Will this affect the bond between her and her sister? What will happen to the kid? Would she take care of her as her own or will she abandon her?
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Chapter 37
2022-05-05 09:59:13
“Can I call Sean?“ Ashley asks once again after she finishes eating her light lunch.With how long she has been in a coma, it was only natural that she would only need to eat light food.Miles flinch fr
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Latest Release: Chapter 37
2022-05-05 09:59:13
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