Fated To My Alpha
Riza Estelle
162315 words
I have stopped counting the days in which I have spent in this place. A place I cannot call home, yet it feels like I have spent my whole life here. I arise from my slumber after another restless night after encountering yet another nightmare that I wish was not a reality. It didn’t change the fact I no longer had a family or a place to call home. Or that I truly was alone. It’s funny. I had always wished to be left alone and now when I truly am I wish to have some company. I guess I really took everything for granted. Not that this realization will help me now that I am stranded in the rogue territory and labelled as rogue despite not being physically expelled by my Alpha. I guess it’s too late to have regrets now.
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Chapter 55 Safe Haven
2022-05-11 14:38:24
"Alpha, it's time. We need to leave." Daemon informs Eldrich, knowing they had to leave now if they wanted to catch Jerome by surprise."Huh? Oh okay. Tell everyone to get ready to leave
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Love it!
Very interesting, please update more author! Do you happen to have any social media or fan page i can follow? i want to support you :D
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Latest Release: Chapter 55 Safe Haven
2022-05-11 14:38:24
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