The Alpha's Bullied Mate
Anna Kendra
432052 words
Freya Walker is a woman who just wants to disappear from the world. Her mother died during childbirth, leaving her at the mercy of her treacherous, gambler and alcoholic father who loves to abuse her. Her fellow students in high school despise her for no reason and she is often harassed at her work. She would rather end her life than spend another miserable day on this planet. The only thing holding her back is her little brother. But her life is about to change completely as Cameron MacGyver, the schools most popular bad boy and the future Alpha imprints on her. Suddenly, Freya is sucked into the world of the supernatural where she finds a sense of belonging for the first time in her life. But Freya’s trust has been broken several times and she fears to trust again, let alone love. How can she accept the fact that the boy who had tormented her all through high school was suddenly obsessed with her? Will she give love a chance or will she end up just like her mother, broken and destroyed and six feet under.
Tags alpha luna werewolves weak to strong opposites attract dark serious bxg
Chapter 312 Our Happily Ever After
2024-07-01 12:21:52
Lilac's P.O.V It's been a long ride and a very eventful one at that and anytime I think about what Krimson and I have been through, I'm just grateful we had the strength to go through everything we
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Latest Release: Chapter 312 Our Happily Ever After
2024-07-01 12:21:52
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