My Feisty Wife: Baby, You're So Sweet
Jennie Hum
2632310 words
Savannah was an adorable college student. To revenge her ex-boyfriend, Savannah was boldly intended to kiss a "handsome enough" man and take a video to piss her ex off. However, she chose Callan, the most eligible bachelor in the world. Out of Savannah's prediction, she was teased that she had no idea what a real kiss was. Then the man even taught her in person. In a great panic, Savannah ran away. Savannah left a deep impression on Callan. However, he never thought he would meet Savannah so soon, especially, at the... male toilet!
Tags CEO one-night stand sweet dominant
Chapter 1851
2024-07-01 12:21:59
One evening, Simon changed her clothes and went downstairs. He had finished his work early today, so it was rare for him to have some free time. When they were walking into the hall, they caught si
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Latest Release: Chapter 1851
2024-07-01 12:21:59
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