Billionaire's Pampered Wife
Erin Warren
1542082 words
On the way to escape, a stranger took away her virginity. She didn’t expect that the stranger was Jasper Milton, who was rich and powerful, as well as ruthless and cold. It was said that he didn’t love woman. However, it was not true. She was suffering from a sore back after having sex with him every day, and finally she couldn’t stand it, “You don’t need to be responsible for me anymore, and you are free now.” He sat by her bed, pulled her into his arms, and said gently: “Stella, are you mistaken, shouldn’t it be you who is responsible? " Stella Grace:”…"
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Chapter 1137 The Ending
2024-07-01 10:23:45
The bullet pierced through his chest, and blood dyed Joseph's silver coat red immediately.  "Joseph!" Waverly's eyes were bloodshot, and her roaring voice was choked. He looked at her, and wante
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Latest Release: Chapter 1137 The Ending
2024-07-01 10:23:45
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