Hate You, Love You
Author Sally
3715040 words
After suffering all kinds of infertility treatment, Mango was finally pregnant with Nathaniel’s child. But it turned out another woman had already conceived Nathaniel’s child for 5 months. Just after claimed her pregnancy, she was kidnapped by Nathaniel’s bodyguard and almost died in the fire he set. It was universally acknowledged that she was dead. But that’s not true. After five years, Mango came back to Nathaniel’s side as a famous international car designer seeking revenge. Except for a different title, she also had a different face which looked more gorgeous and a different identity, mom. Her son Zion, a four-year-old boy, who shared the same beautiful almond-shaped eyes with Nathaniel was much more mentally mature than the kids of his age and also sought revenge for Nathaniel. However, revenge wasn’t the main purpose of them coming back...
Tags bullyescape while being pregnantrevengemysterybrave
Chapter 2075 Happily Ever After
2023-03-06 11:02:00
Emberly had finally calmed Eugene down, while the Ye family was decorated with many things. For the first time, Zion felt nervous. This kind of nervousness was neither on the battlefield nor on
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Latest Release: Chapter 2075 Happily Ever After
2023-03-06 11:02:00
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