Love Strategy: Husband's Allure
Author Rose
1449151 words
Stacy was set up a one-night stand business with a stranger man to get the medical treatment fee to save her mother. That night took her virginity and got her pregnant. Stacy never touched her husband, until one day she found her crippled husband Harry was involved with another woman. The woman met her and recognized that she was the one that she set up for that one-night stand. When she knew Stacy was pregnant with Harry's child, she tried to kill her and her baby with every means she could. But Stacy didn't know that man who slept with her that night was her husband, nor did Harry know the baby was his, until one day...
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Chapter 1073
2024-07-01 10:29:40
Cassandra and Gu Erica both came down, but Jack was still sitting in the car. It was as if he had forgotten what was going on at the moment, and also seemed to be reminiscing about the words he was th
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Latest Release: Chapter 1073
2024-07-01 10:29:40
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