Born Extraordinary: I'm the Richest Man!
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"When Fang Zhi came back home, he found his wife lying on the bed with another man. They even humiliated him for having no money . Walking on the street alone, he dialed a mysterious number. But soon, the helicopter and elite bodyguards rushed over. Because he was the only the heir of the world's top rich family! He finally decided to go back to his clan! ""Since being born extraordinary is my destiny, why should I force myself to be ordinary!"" The moment he woke up, the entire world trembled under his feet! As for this snobbish wife, should he divorce her or kill her and her lover together? Anyway, such a nobody didn't deserve him at all. "
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Chapter 93 How dare you
2024-05-16 17:43:54
"No, I'm here to return all of them." "Huh?" Shi Tao was stunned. "Do you mean that you want a cash refund?" Leng Qingxi said, "No, I'm just here to return all of these to you." "Huh? Then
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Latest Release: Chapter 93 How dare you
2024-05-16 17:43:54
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