Revenge Against My Ex-husband
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I was infertile. My husband Edric said he would love me no matter what. For three years, he had always been gentle to me, I was happy that I found someone who truly loved me and didn't mind that I couldn't give him a child. Until one day, I learned the fact that he's been cheating on me a long time ago, living a double life, and having a baby with someone else. And that woman was a very close friend of mine. I was mad, I slapped her, but didn't expect it would kill her baby. Edric was furious and sent his lawyer to force me to sign the divorce agreement. I was told not to take any jewelry Edric bought me, and no property would belong to me, all I could do was just pack and leave. Three years later, I came back for revenge, with another man...
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Chapter 247 Successful Surgery
2023-06-01 17:50:58
Lily and Joanne left delightfully the moment they saw the miscarriage. However, they did not expect to be faced with a swarm of police officers after they opened the door. Both Lily and Joanne were im
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Latest Release: Chapter 247 Successful Surgery
2023-06-01 17:50:58
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