My Husband Hates Me
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I had a crush on the dominant CEO, Credence Scott, for ten years. And I finally got married to him! I was supposed to be a happy woman who married the one she loved. However, Credence hated me. In our four-year marriage, he rarely slept with me and blamed me for killing his dad. I never did that. It was my sis, Rosalie, who had framed me! The most heartbroken part was that Credence never believed in me. Fine, I'd better end my life. But that's when Credence revealed his tenderness to me...
Tags bully CEO arranged marriage love-triangle tragedy bxg cruel dominant
Chapter 509 The End
2023-06-01 17:48:30
Dorothy and the group didn't buy plane tickets. Instead, Credence used his insane wealth to charter a private jet for them to fly straight to Monticello. Ten hours later, Dorothy and the others arr
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Latest Release: Chapter 509 The End
2023-06-01 17:48:30
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