Marrying My Vegetative Husband
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"I was born on 15th of July, in my country, it was the Ghost Day, whoever was born on that day meant bad luck, a ghost turned into human. But I never thought my birthday could be the reason that brought me to my future husband. Christiano Lockwood, he had been in a vegetative state for years, his family had been searching for a virgin who was born on 15th of July to marry him, as they believed it was his only chance to wake up from the coma. I thought they wanted me to drive away the ghosts haunting him. But no. They believed only a virgin-born on the 15th of July held certain mystical magic that could save him with sex. But after marriage, the miracle happened, and a bigger secret of that family was exposed..."
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Chapter 1480
2024-07-01 12:16:02
"Xiaowan..."Christiano yelled at the top of the mountain. His sorrowful voice lingered around the valley for a long time...A year later...The Lockwood family in Caulford City was the wedding
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Latest Release: Chapter 1480
2024-07-01 12:16:02
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