Werewolf: Luna's curse
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Gina is a woman who can't shift, but her mate is an Alpha who hates the weak! The situation of the pack is critical so Alpha William needs a wise and strong she-wolf to be his Luna. Thus Gina becomes a pathetic person. Although William clearly tells her that let her become Luna is with purpose, but she has nowhere to escape. Facing this powerful man, Gina chooses to endure, but fate forces her into a desperate situation, her boyfriend is other women's mate, she loses her dearest sister and dies in the rushing river. Gina came back from the dead and got strong power, when she returns to the previous place again, what will she choose? Of course, to fight back against the enemy! Take back everything that she lost!
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Chapter 66
2022-05-09 09:51:36
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Werewolf Luna curse
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2022-05-09 09:51:36
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