Alpha's Slave Luna
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**NOVEL ONLY FOR 18+ AGE**If you are not into Adult and Mature Werewolf/Hot Erotica then please don't open this book. "You're just a lowly slave, you don't deserve to be my mate!" Otis suffered once again when her fated mate, the Alpha of the Blue-moon Pack, pushed straight through the door and left. All the members of her pack had been brutally slaughtered by their enemies eight years ago, and she had been taken to a hostile pack to be used as a slave, humiliated, and beaten through her lonely formative years.But it was at this time that she was brought back to his pack by her MATE, Alpha Conrad of the Blue-moon Pack. Here she truly has friends and feels that the future is full of hope. With their encouragement, she tries hard to become stronger, but what comes with it is not a life full of happiness. Her mate is disgusted with her slave status and weakness and rejects her. She is insulted over and over again, used as a spy, and put into the custody of a hostile pack. She is once again plunged into the depths of despair. It is not until she is on the verge of death for his mate that she discovers that she is a descendant of Moon Goddess' blood...
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Chapter 144
2022-07-18 17:03:25
Conrad's POV:"Conrad you move one more time and I will kill Otis immediately!"The pain in my heart almost tore me apart as I watched Otis being held in the hands of the Dusk Pack's commender
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Latest Release: Chapter 144
2022-07-18 17:03:25
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