Alpha's Cursed Mate
Jessie Smith
77139 words
Legend has it that the Alpha of the Clifford family, the dominant wolf pack of the north, is a terrifying tyrant. He and his pack are synonymous with darkness and cruelty. When the girl who has no wolf intrudes into his territory, his hands are already on the girl's fragile neck. From the moment Estelle's knife plunged into her future Alpha's chest, her fate changed dramatically from then on. How does a girl accused of murder become the mate of the cursed Alpha, and how will she face her fate?
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Chapter 47
2022-05-17 15:35:24
Estelle's POV"Estelle."My consciousness wandered into a void, surrounded by chaos. In the midst of the chaos, a voice was guiding me. I followed the feathery, soft voice as it led me toward
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Latest Release: Chapter 47
2022-05-17 15:35:24
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