Bonded by blood
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A story that potray love, betrayal, family and responsibilities in the life of a young girl Bella. Bella is a beautiful young girl living with her mother and younger sister Frida. Unlike her younger sister Frida who is ambitious and fulfills her dream to become a lawyer, Bella dropped out of school due to the wayward and carefree life that she was living. She fell in love with a handsome Mexican guy, Diego, who happened to be a thug and a drug dealer. Her mother, Kate, asked her to break up the relationship and cut all ties with him in order to avoid trouble. But she could not extinguish the love in her heart like a burning flame. Will she choose the only man she has ever loved over her family? Read more to find out
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Old friend
2024-02-16 05:02:55
Chapter 27Since her mother hadn't woken up yet, Frida walked out of the room to take her call."Are you still at the hospital?" Jason asked"Yes, I am" Frida replied."Alright I'm coming over" he said an
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Bonded by blood
Interesting story, with amazing characters.
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