The Alpha's Luna Slave Mate Book One
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**Steamy Romances for 18+ Readers** The Alpha Luna’s Slave Mate Book One and Two, The Alpha’s Warrior Slave Mate Book Three, The Two Alpha’s Slave Queen Mate Book Four, and The Alpha’s Precious Slave Mate Book Five. He came to conquer… And fell in love! When Briar encounters Thorn in the forest around her home, she immediately falls in love. However, Thorn is part of an invading force, come to Briar’s home in order to take her people as slaves. This is the epic love story of Briar and Thorn - a love that starts two wars, forges four planets together and frees her people from slavery.
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Chapter 99
2022-03-23 15:37:06
“Several of them, in fact,” Willow corrected. “This one is just a bit close to a civilian building.” “Do you think their families live next door?” I asked her, quietly. “So, they don’t have far to
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Latest Release: Chapter 99
2022-03-23 15:37:06
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