Remarriage to a Rich Family
Bella Smith
464601 words
After three years of marriage without a child, Cheng Lidia was charged with infertility. However, who knew that she could not even see her husband for three years, and she had never slept with him before? When her husband repeatedly asked for a divorce, she decided to remarry in order to pay for her mother's treatment. Only later did she find out that her new husband came from the famous Shen family, and that he had married Lidia for another purpose. Later she realized that she had just fallen from one hell into another deeper hell.
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Chapter 216
2022-05-17 15:23:08
Early the next morning, Yang June woke up to her cell phone ringing. She fumbled and reached out for her phone, but couldn't feel it. Wang Boyce, who had been up almost all night, took her phone
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Latest Release: Chapter 216
2022-05-17 15:23:08
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