She Belongs to the Alpha King
Bosy Elselhdar
145794 words
"Who is that newborn girl?" The king knelt to the two years old girl and carried her to his chest. "Nobody knows your majesty, I guess her parents abandoned her, or maybe got killed." The king's best friend assumed. But when the girl opened her eyes, the king and all his men cemented, the king gulped nervously and commented, "she's—. Her eyes are pink! Who is she!" That's' when the wise old man blurted out, "She belongs to the king." The king turned his head slowly. "I am the king!" The older man raised his head and said louder, "She belongs to the Alpha king of All the kings, she will be our Queen someday. Her future says so," That's when the king decided to adopt her. Nobody really knows if he did that on purpose or that pink-eyed girl's smile melted his heart. Whether The king was right or wrong, he died, and the girl abandoned, disregarded, abused. They didn't expect that — she Belongs to the Alpha king!
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Chapter 105 Honor ending
2022-11-02 13:51:15
Honor ending PinkI wore my clothes and checked myself at the mirror for the last time and muttered in the mirror with a deep sigh 'I m doing that for you, my king.Then I turned my heels to get out of
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Latest Release: Chapter 105 Honor ending
2022-11-02 13:51:15
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