Evil CEO, Please Be Gentle!
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A contract marriage, he and she meet. But she is actually pregnant with someone else's child, is this a misunderstanding? Or is it a conspiracy on her part? When the destinies of two strange men and women begin to intertwine, who will win the final victory in the game of desire and power? Can a broken relationship be restored to its original state? Everything is revealed from this moment on!
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Chapter 192 - Lina, marry me
2023-05-04 09:56:21
Finally, Andrei opened his mouth to break the quiet space. "Father, big brother, now that you know, I will also say it straight, I will not allow you to hurt Aeneel and Angus." Aniel looked at A
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Latest Release: Chapter 192 - Lina, marry me
2023-05-04 09:56:21
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