When A Tomboy Falls in Love
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Liliana is a friendless, socially awkward, and tomboy who is constantly being ridiculed for her appearance and lack of social connections. However, she is destined to meet a charming prince, and a rollercoaster ride awaits her, which will completely transform her life. Jason is a charming, arrogant jock who has never trusted a girl, who has never believed in steadfast love, and who has finally decided to be with the tomboy girl, Liliana. At first, his goal was to keep the girls out of his way. However, once they both looked into each other's eyes and kissed, once the sparks of love-struck their hearts. "Can you tell me why you're dressing like a boy? "Do you have any idea that you're a girl?" He chuckled, inspecting her from her shoes to her bizarre bun in a mocking manner. "Then kiss me," she said, a competitive tone in her voice as she raised her eyebrows in irritation. She caught him off guard with her words, but she managed to pull him into a powerful kiss that broke his heart. They had no intention of falling in love with each other. But it was their destiny.
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Chapter 115
2022-04-07 17:01:47
Jason's pov : It was difficult to control my smile, only I knew how she acted after getting drunk, I was the only one who could understand that language and I was feeling blessed to be that only on
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Latest Release: Chapter 115
2022-04-07 17:01:47
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