Falling for the Mafia Boss
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At 30, Abby Williams is a young and talented beautiful lady with a renowned profession as a lawyer. Growing up as a child, she dreamt of becoming a model, but her older brother and father were murdered in cold blood by some unknown criminals and this was the incident that marked her whole life, as she chose to become a justice server. Her profession was highly recognized and she was highly recommended as she had never lost a case before since she began her career. Her beauty and intelligence are her greatest assets as she was highly followed by men and her few friends envied her lifestyle. This was because not only she was from a wealthy family, she also had a good career and an influential man that every lady could kill to have but something was lacking in Bernard that made their relationship always sour.
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Chapter 62 Chapter 62
2022-04-01 14:01:55
“Good morning sunshine and how was your night?“ he asked in a rendered voice and Abby recollecting what a wonderful night she had the previous evening, her smile was the only thing that was left to ex
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Latest Release: Chapter 62 Chapter 62
2022-04-01 14:01:55
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