Alpha's Mate Is A Reborn Witch
Raven Heart
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Cynthia thought that her life would be spent in the shadow of her mother's death. As a princess rejected by the court, she always had to face malice from all sides. But everything changed in that accident. She was pushed off the castle, only to find that she was not dead, but was reborn. She had a second chance. Following the prophecy, the person in her fate is also waiting for her in the castle, “Caught you, my mate." Ulysses Alexanders is a cold alpha and a king of the Northwest kingdom. Due to the prophecy he went to the Dawn kingdom. There he meet a weakling human turn witch. Will he fell in love to that kind of girl? What kind of troubles will they face together as his mate pave her way to REVENGE.
Tags werewolf-royal romanceadventuresage-gap romancewitch's love and revenge
Chapter 116 Bonus Chapter: The coronations
2022-05-17 13:54:37
CYNTHIA MAXIMILLIAN P.O.VI walk around and look for the meat that I"ll buy for tonight's dinner. Tomorrow we will visit Tyler in Magus kingdom. It's been 40 years since that day. "Mother!&qu
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Love it!
this is very interesting I really like your story author, can't wait for the next update! Since you like to write why don't you try to gain more readers and money from another app? Please leave me your social media/email so i can contact you, thank you :)
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Latest Release: Chapter 116 Bonus Chapter: The coronations
2022-05-17 13:54:37
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