Sinful Mates
Jessica Hall
179709 words
Living in her car at her place of work, Imogen’s life was far from great. With a sick mother, a demanding job and struggling with being homeless as well as flat out broke from the hospital expenses. She didn’t think much else could go wrong. But fate liked to kick her while she was down, just when she thought she hit rock bottom, she learns the very men she works for are her mates and she is sucked into a world she wants no part of, she values her humanity and they refuse to give her up, instead they offer to fix all her problems, there is just one catch: humans were forbidden in their world, so to be with them she must give up the one thing she has left, her life. Just when she thinks she has come to a decision and feels like she belongs, she finds out they had more secrets, and now she wants nothing more than to escape their clutches and move on with her life. When her life starts spiralling out of control and they take her, will she resist the bond and give up her life? She knows she will never be free of them and being human against a lycan and vampire she might as well be a sitting duck, easy prey and now she must find a way to resist the urges of the bond she never knew existed, resist the temptation that is them but most of all find out who she truly is, because her family has secrets of its own and those secrets come out causing a world of hurt and yet also giving her a will to survive.
Tags Love-TriangleVampireWerewolfBossCEOSteamyDominantPossessive
Bonues chapter 2
2022-06-29 15:53:24
**Imogen’s POV**I lean back into Theo, his fingers dancing over my lips teasingly slow, his lips nipping and sucking on my skin. I feel Tobias move closer as he unbuttons my shirt, making my eyes go t
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Latest Release: Bonues chapter 2
2022-06-29 15:53:24
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