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    Fantasy Author:Harriet Ifeanyi
    Once every six hundred years, a ruling descendant of Axeris must offer up a pure breed daughter of K...
    powerfulruthlessroyalkidnapdark romance
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    Classical Romance Author:LadyWet
    "I'm gonna show you that a side character can be the main character too."–Herabella Venturi "I be...
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    LGBT+ Author:LordShinji
    Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, and Lightning a 5 nations into one academy they were trained to be warrior...
    MagesBoy loveBxBRomanceFantasy
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    Romance Author:SONITAH
    Austin Martin is a billionaire CEO who has everything in the palm of his hands. He loves his wife so...
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    Romance Author:A.C Gray
    "Why do your rules require sex every night?" "Because I'm obsessed with you, and I like you, but yo...
    bad boyrichprotectiveobsessivehandsome