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    LGBT+ Author:LordShinji
    Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, and Lightning a 5 nations into one academy they were trained to be warrior...
    MagesBoy loveBxBRomanceFantasy
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    LGBT+ Author:Abysscess
    A village was created in the middle of the mysterious forest. For centuries, it was left there unatt...
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    LGBT+ Author:Kapula Mangenda
    Desperate time's call for desperate measures right? After the death of her parents and brother Karli...
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    LGBT+ Author:LordShinji
    A story of a lesbian who keeps on collecting slave, until she meet a girl who change is prospective ...
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    LGBT+ Author:Nathalia
    Devon Deya LaCruz is a nineteen-year-old high school student with very successful parents. Her mom i...
    beautifulschoolturning gayromanceteacher