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    Fantasy Author:Bethel-Gold
    Some story that happens to be a random story out of no where. Dive in because you won't be impressed...
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    Fantasy Author:Harriet Ifeanyi
    Once every six hundred years, a ruling descendant of Axeris must offer up a pure breed daughter of K...
    powerfulruthlessroyalkidnapdark romance
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    Fantasy Author:Aurora Bluemoon
    Akshara, the human girl who was unexposed to the world, was about to find the truth that she lived i...
    Prince Charmingroyalweak to strongadventurewerewolves
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    Fantasy Author:Mahira Siddiqui
    It all started with a diary. A diary hiding the secrets no one can know about. Journey of a queen ...
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    Fantasy Author:Akihi
    Eve, an interior designer who works for a promising company is an orphan but is still trying to live...
    dream pastlife modernlovestory twistedfate fantasy